Sunday, August 16, 2020

Corvid-20 ......the new & improved....


........virus!  Why settle for the common Covid-19 when Corvid-20 is now available??  Tastes great, less filling, makes you feel 20 years younger AND life is far more amusing!  


  1. These are the best, BG! Be forewarned,I may need this shot in the future. :-D

    I'd say the one in the center (in blue) has an expression which reminds me of he-who-cannot-be named except for one thing: it's the only bird with its mouth shut.

    Hope CK day wasn't too depressing!

    1. Thank you Dia! You have full permission to use the photo for whatever diabolical plans you shall undoubtedly dream up.

      Yeah....bit hard to be He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named if the mouth is shut...because HWCBN NEVER EVER EVER SHUTS UP!

      CK day was actually excellent! Who knew a Zoom meeting could be fun? I guess it's all in the company. Had a great virtual reunion.

  2. Oh, good! Glad to hear the virtual reunion went well. :-)