Saturday, April 22, 2017

Yah, finally....stuff in progress......

And actually MUCH more -- but this is what I photographed today.  Gel transfers atop and Crow-Kins on the bottom.   And I have Crow-Kings in progress (with a jester or two).   

My stint in the "Artist's Showcase" at the Gallery at Ten Oaks is coming up in May, so one must rush rush rush.  More to come.....


  1. Love the crow mandalas... and gotta love the Crow-kins! Crow-Kings? What about the Queens? Throw in some Crow-Knights and you have a chess set!

    Happy to see your creative juices are flowing... but the muse must not be rushed!

  2. LOL..thanks Dia. Crow Kings -- Crow Queesn -- who can tell the difference?? Those just emerged from the kiln this evening -- shall post when I have them finished.